3 Questions to Ask Before Signing on the Dotted Line

From Wasatch Commons:

1. :Are you extremely introverted?”
(Introverts need great amounts of private time; they might take awhile to adjust.
“Are you extremely extroverted?”
(Extroverts must sometimes learn how to protect their privacy; they might take a while to adjust.)

“Are you comfortable with meetings?”
(Once the project is built, meeting schedules become less frenetic. Still, meetings are at the heart of cohousing life.)

So why are there no cohousing communities yet in Southern Nevada? Could individuals who want to do it differently  be searching for each other right now, ready to create their own, desert-themed, solar-powered, artistic, intelligent urban, musical, eclectic, and/or modern-day utopian suburban community right here, writing their own operating rules and purposes unlike any that have gone before?

Well, why not? This is still the Wild West in many ways. Cohousing is one of the last frontiers left in our increasingly diverse and steadily graying society. Southern Nevada is an ideal environment for such a venture, and the timing is still favorable for investing in a property for aging in place, on our own terms. Those kindred souls must find each other and take the next step, then the next, toward a vision whose time has come.
For more descriptions and photos of existing communities, go to www.cohousing.org and www.ic.org.

Contact Marta Thompson or Kim Henry with questions about forming the first cohousing community in the Southern Las Vegas area. Find us on Facebook at SNVCOHOUSING,  email us – snvcohousing@gmail.com, or call us at 725-333-2221.

– submitted by Marta Thompson (12/05/15)