About SNVC

We are a small but enthusiastic core group seeking potential residents who want to build the very first cohousing community in Southern Nevada! In early stage of development; we have formed our legal entity, have selected a site, and are reaching out to find others who want to join us in building this community. We envision a development of 20-30 independent, intentional homes close to shops, restaurants, parks, recreation, biking/hiking trails, and transportation.

Like other west coast groups in this forming stage, we have been studying and inquiring, aiming to utilize andmaximize the invaluable counsel and guidance of others who have done this before. We are ready to move forward with like-minded individuals who want to live in the uniquely appealing mix that is Southern Nevada. We want the same commitment to healthy living, mutual respect and support, sustainability, collaboration, and the cultivation of community as all cohousing models, only we want to do it here in this invigorating and challenging urban desert climate.

Whether you already live in Southern Nevada or are considering relocation, we welcome you to join us. Email us at: snvcohousing@gmail.com.

Meet the group so far!


I spend my workdays as a city planner, but I’m really looking forward to helping to build and be a part of the kind of community that only cohousing can provide.  After we get our first project (Water Street Commons) off the ground, I intend to help other cohousing communities form here in beautiful southern Nevada.  Originally hailing from Michigan, I’ve called NV my home for nearly 25 years now, and can’t imagine living elsewhere.  When not working way too much, I’m an admitted culture-vulture (upscale and down) and enjoy being a patron of all the arts: fine, performing, and culinary (I make for a great audience and customer!).  My goal is that Water Street Commons will be a beautiful as well as functional, supportive and fun community.  

P.S. – A shout-out to all artists, crafters and entrepreneurs – the Water Street Commons site will include commercial space on Water Street – can’t you see yourself living and working in a great little cohousing neighborhood downtown? I can, and hope you will join us!

Michelle and Brian

Michelle and Brian came to Las Vegas 12 years ago, escaping the cost and pace of northern California, to forge new careers in social work and the law. Michelle spends her days as a therapist in a community mental health clinic, but the weekends are devoted to their dogs, gardening, and catching the local cultural events. Michell has been excited about cohousing for 20 years, since learning about it when living in San Francisco. She was ecstatic to find other Las Vegans similarly enthused to create a community based on cooperation and sustainability in southern Nevada.

Brian hails from the Midwest but has lived in many parts of the country, and he saw that southern Nevada was a good environment for changing careers. As sole proprietor of Millennium Legal, he is currently focused on immigration and civil rights law.  A DIY kind of guy and self-avowed techie, Brian’s background in marketing, technology, as well as his legal knowledge, are being well utilized by SNVC.

Both Michelle and Brian hope that the cohousing community will include a garden so they may continue to grow the fruits and vegetables they’ve been growing since moving to Las Vegas, and that our new community will be pet friendly.


Born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Kim grew up in Western PA, moved to Southern California in 1993, and then on to Nevada in 2001 with her daughter and granddaughter. Ashley Venegas, Kim’s granddaughter still lives with her and will be a fellow cohouser in SNVC’s first community. Ashley was born in 1998, works at BooksOrBooks three days a week, and as a teenager is still deciding her next life adventure. An avid reader and book collector, Kim always planned to open a bookstore “someday”. With undergraduate degrees in Accounting & General Management and a master’s degree in Finance, Kim spent 26+ years in Corporate America before leaving in 2014 to open her bookstore, which is her place of peace. During the week she is a commercial realtor.


Marta recently retired after 36 years of teaching. Originally from Texas, she lived in Oregon and Washington for 20 years, and Las Vegas since 1996. A professional pianist and published composer, school librarian, longtime yoga fan and dog lover, Marta hopes to live in cohousing.  Life now takes Marta out of state, but as a founding member we’ll always welcome her back should she return to southern Nevada.  Marta is now currently investigating cohousing communities in another state.